Saturday, December 22, 2007

x-mas break, shopping, and Oooo some art...i said some

hola amigos and amigas!!

well well well, i am finally posting on my dearly missed blog. school was taking all my time and i apologize for the lack of new art not being posted on the blog. it's been crazy but i got through this quarter. now, one week has passed from my three week break and christmas is coming quite rapidly in our sites. did you finish your christmas shopping? i have two more people to buy for that i will do today and i am done. woohoo! nothing like a mad rush to the stores looking for parking and dealing with crazy shoppers. good thing is that i've been seeing some real cool faces and shapes looking at all these people and it's been giving me a itch to draw them all. speaking which i have been drawing so i'll be putting up some new stuff up soon. but today i will posting my 3d maya model of my character i did in one of my classes this quarter. his name is duncan and he's a 'hard working' kinda guy.

until next time!

ye ole m00k!!!

oh and p.s to all my friends in A.I..if i don't here from you, Merry Christmas guys!!!!!! Bobby, Ivan, Hayley, Will, Jackie, and the rest