Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eddy B Venom

Hola Amigos and Amigas!!!

So I had ta draw up Petey Parker's venomous foe Eddy B Venom. Just like spidey, are hooked him up with some chucks! ha!

anyhwoo, trying to get this blog fed with more post frequently and beef up the portfolio. hope everyone is well and enjoying the summer!


ye ole m00k!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Fashionista Prime and sketchy do daads

I'm Baaaaack! lol

Hola Amigos and Amigas!

how is everyone doing out there. came back from trip. Just came back a few days ago and had a blast! Went through seven states and gotta say it was some beautiful country. I got a few ideas from this trip alone that I will draw and post sometime later. anywhoo.....

today's post is of a older lady that I had seen a couple weeks ago before the trip. It's a memory sketch of her. When I saw her, i was like, "dannnng! gramma has some style!" she was crossing the street and looked strong as a goat....and although she was older she seem she still was showing her individualism, young spirit and style. lol you go girl!

also, I have finish my moleskine sketchbook a few weeks ago. all were sketches and doodles. not really any finish pieces and that. usually all my sketchbooks are like that, not really getting all detail or whatnot, just practicing, not worrying about making it pretty. just letting loose. =) I'm rambling now so i'll get to the post

Smile it up!!!!

ye ole m00k!