Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lil mook is coming!

Hola Everyone!

So...I'm gonna be a Dad any day now! I totally forgot to mention that on ye ole blog here lol! My daughter should be arriving any day now, according to our doctor my girl I went to this morning. So about two weeks ago we had a babyshower and was asked to do the invitation. Today I'll be sharing with you the pencils and the colors. Also I'll be sharing a quick freestyle painting I did. Gotta learn how to paint more...and environments as well.

Also Still trying to figure out little things here and there about selling my book on here. For those waiting to buy the book and are going to buy outside the United States, I know the shipping is going to be bananas....I'll throw in some original sketches and stuff for your trouble...how's that sound?

until next time!

ye ole m00k!