Wednesday, December 31, 2008

brush pen sketch

hola people!

i hope everyone had a wonderful christmas or anything they celebrate for that matter. and i hope everyone has a good and safe new years. anywhoo, i did this sketch for fun using those dope pentel brush pens. just a little somethin somethin to whole you down with while i churn out some new stuff still

smile it up!


Sunday, December 21, 2008

demo reel car explorations

hola people!!

so it's sunday and it's two days after graduation. i'm still trying to believe that it's all over. no more school...i'm going to miss it, i know it. went to my friend (who also graduated with me) ivan's grad party. it was really really cool, good food, good company and good music provided by ivan and his band "the raga". thank you ivan! anywhoo, here's a couple of explorations of my (if you will) "main character" of my demo reel. i'll be working a lot to update my portfolio so be sure to come back to see some spanking brand new stuff. now it's time to conquer the world.

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Monday, December 15, 2008

my little mook minions

hola there peoples!!

so these little dudes here are my little paper cutout toys that i will be handing out at my school's portfolio show. i got the template online and just threw my design onto it. turned out pretty good for my first time. my girl is the one making all of them for me, so shout out to my girl!! but yeah this is the first batch done..back to work

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Monday, December 8, 2008

new "business" cards

hola there com-padres!

here's my spanking new business cards that i will be passing out at my portfolio show. these little bad boys look way better than my old one, i blocked out my phone number, heh just a lil nervous postin that up you know...but then again it's on my resume, so i can't win lol....anywhoo, i just hope they come just in time for the show though..oy yoy yoy. more art comin!!

smile it up!


Thursday, December 4, 2008

card board art

hello everyone!

so my demo reel show is tomorrow and that's when i find out if i pass. nervous times my friends :) anywhoo i wanted to share some art that i did on card board. i've always like drawing on them since i was a wee lad. but yeah i did this one in one of my classes last term. it's basically what keeps me going and what i like. so i drew my family and some of my interest. i've also made a new business card so i'll share that with soon.

until then

smile it up