Friday, March 28, 2008

Gee Riduh

man i haven't slept yet and it's nearly six o clock o_0!! i was having fun with this one though


ye ole m00k!

i think i'll have my brother drive to vegas

a gangster story

hola amigos and amigas!!

well here's some new stuff up at last. it's a little project i'm working on with my chums bobby and ivan. over at our group blog Ever Wonder which by the way is our little design/ pre-production studio thingy that we're trying to do, so check us out! but yes the project's about gangsters, i'll explain more over at the other blog. anywhoo it's two thirty in the morning and i must get up around seven to go get my oil change right before my trip to vegas...well today heh. ah yes vegas. i don't really gamble much so i'll be just walking a lot and doing the tourist'y thing. oh and hit the buffets *smiles* so yeah i'll be posting more to keep up with my pal bobby.


ye ole m00k!!

Sunday, March 23, 2008

well i'll be!!

woo!! what a quarter!

hello amigo's and amigas!!

it's been some quarter at school, i'm sorry for the lack of post and art. this break will be chalk full of art so don't you worry. i have just returned from a trip to san diego with my family and when i was online i see my friend bobby walker over at his blog had posted some of the beautiful backgrounds he and his underlings such as myself done from our short we did called freak show that we did with other classmates. but yeah, enough of me yappin time for the art

ye ole' m00k