Thursday, February 25, 2010

Sketchy Post and app L's !!!

Hola Amigos and Amigas!

how is everyone doing? Hope everything is going swell with all of you! Today I will be sharing a few more random sketches I did in my brown book. Sometimes I feel like i draw more better on toned paper, I don't know...I guess I love the whole feel of it, the white prismacolor pencil popping of the page, the different tones I get by using my black pencil, feels more artsy ya know heh. I guess I'm just a wannabe fine arteest! aw well......

Anywhoo, Guess what happened to me? So I was checking out the Character Design blog, and read one of the post about the awesome character designer and story artist David Coleman having a app of his new sketchbook on the ITUNES app store. It said that the first two people who emails David and mention that they read it on the blog will get the app for free....and guess who got it? that's right baby, I WAS ONE OF THE TWO!!!!! hahaha David emailed me later that night, right when I was gonna hit the sack saying I won. I was so stoked!

It's an awesome little app that has 38 pages of watercolor stuff and a step by step on his process. So if you are a fan of his work I totally recommend it.

whew! so finally here's the sketchy post peeps!

Smile it up!

ye ole m00k!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Hola amigos and amigas!

how is everyone doing? Finally got around to post something. whew! I've been working on honing my somewhat skills. this time more personality and fluidity into my stuff. more storytelling I guess. haha although this particular post I do not show any of that!!! *face palm* ....I will be showing that in the future.

so what i'm showing tonight is a pic of an old man named ole dead eye zeek, with a shotgun ready to gitter done! i know i know, what's up with the old people with guns wayne?!? *shrugs* i based this one on my old friend and co-worker Tony at my day job at the art store. He's a pistol let me tell you. I love picking his brain and getting old stories from him. He's from West Virgina and does not take crap from no one. haha love that guy

next piccys i'm throwing up is a background for an animation i did for my girl for valentines. it's been awhile since i did a animation and let alone a lipsync!! wooo, i'm actually proud of the that part heh. and lastly a painting on my ipod touch done over break at the job

and a warm thank you to everyone who visits and continue to visit my blog. had tons of comments last post which was a surprise to me and very humbling indeed. love the support and looking at all the wonderful blogs out there by you guys. keep creating and don't forget to....