Saturday, December 22, 2007

x-mas break, shopping, and Oooo some art...i said some

hola amigos and amigas!!

well well well, i am finally posting on my dearly missed blog. school was taking all my time and i apologize for the lack of new art not being posted on the blog. it's been crazy but i got through this quarter. now, one week has passed from my three week break and christmas is coming quite rapidly in our sites. did you finish your christmas shopping? i have two more people to buy for that i will do today and i am done. woohoo! nothing like a mad rush to the stores looking for parking and dealing with crazy shoppers. good thing is that i've been seeing some real cool faces and shapes looking at all these people and it's been giving me a itch to draw them all. speaking which i have been drawing so i'll be putting up some new stuff up soon. but today i will posting my 3d maya model of my character i did in one of my classes this quarter. his name is duncan and he's a 'hard working' kinda guy.

until next time!

ye ole m00k!!!

oh and p.s to all my friends in A.I..if i don't here from you, Merry Christmas guys!!!!!! Bobby, Ivan, Hayley, Will, Jackie, and the rest

Thursday, November 1, 2007

happy post halloween!!!

hola mi amigas and ami'ghouls!!!

tis is post halloween and the night was good with the creepy crawlers dominating the night. my family went trick'o treatin collect delicious sugary confections. my lovely girl dressed up as a gothic raggity ann, while our little one jadeyn dressed up as bell from beauty and the beast. yours truly donned the most coolest outfit ever i was a killer b!!! i provided a image of what the costume looked like. i'll post some actual halloween pictures a little later.

hmmmm, whatelse.....ah yes! my friends and i attended the women in animation organizations special meeting held at the beautiful dreamworks animation studio in glendale about how to make a animation short. the attendees was packed and the guest comprised of people from disney television animation, mytoons, frederator, and nickelodeon. they had very good info about pitching ideas to the studio and the do's and don'ts of how to present your animation short. a good night was held by all *smiles*

now, lets so some art yes?
here it is. some model sheets of my characters for my next short and a personal piece paying homage to my hometown of long beach.

ye ole wise one


Sunday, October 21, 2007

higgar, half a man, and the candy witch

hola mi amigos and amigas!!!

i am back after almost a month!......a month?!! yes yes. i know. i miss my blog. but last time i posted i said i was going down to san diego. that i must say was relaxing and nice. my family and i mostly hung around balboa park which is a center chock full of art museums, beautiful architecture and lush gardens. the place was amazing and the history behind san diego was very interesting. oh we also ate at this really great mexican restaurant there called casa madera i believe. that place had really really good food. i have pictures i probably post up soon. but for now some art....oh wait! one more thing. last week my girlfriend and i attended gris grimmly's new art exhibit that was held at the van eaton gallery up in sherman oaks which is a cool little gallery that showcases animation art and the likes...anywhoo, the art show was named "Bop Pills" named after "the Cramps" song and it was all about gris's experience with the medical field. but yes we have some photos i will show soon. now....for some art

ye ole m00k!!


Friday, September 28, 2007

before the trip

hola amigos and amigas!!!!

ah yes, i'm going to take a trip with my family down to sunny san diego to unwind and relax before school starts back up monday. but before i go i want to show a work in progress character design

ye ole m00k!!!

Thursday, September 27, 2007

more stuff from last nights drawing sesssion

here it is really quick

ye ole m00k

sky divers, a head dress and the maude look

hola amigos and amigas!!!

i should be sleeping right now....cuz yeah i have work in 2 hours...all for the cause right? but yeah just been sketching around some stuff for my animation for next quarter about skydiving. still in it's infant stages...but hopefully when school starts up i have some kindo plan going. what else.....ah yes...continuing the theme of people in's theme is boy in bat head suit...thingamahjig...and lastly a girl in maude clothing....or at least what i think looks maude....oh well. i'd talk more but i gotta get some sleep so here you go....oh oh oh and i drew a butler

ye ole m00k!!!!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

a break! wabbits!! and european swimwear!!!

hola hola hola amigos and amigas!!!!!!

yes yes yes the quarter is over and i got through it. i missed my blog so much and most of all drawing. but today i finally got around and sat and did some sketches doodles and fun'ness!!! right now i'm doing some design work for a patch i'm going to be doing for my girlfriend's purse. she wanted an image of a drawing i did a long time ago of a man in a bunny suit. so i started drawing them and is eventually led me to draw just bunnies with out the man in suit. so yes. all did in prisma marker, ball point pen...good times. the second sketch i did was a random doodle of a bird and the continuing theme of men in suits. so i decided to draw a man in a man. but not just any man....a EUROPEAN speedo's. the european swim fashion. not to knock european's, i think they're awesome. it's just.....tiny speedo's on big hairy euro guys.....ew.


ye ole m00k!!!!

Monday, August 27, 2007

a fast drop off!!!!

hola mi amigos and amigas!!!

more art people...did this probably three weeks ago and i just found it in my school notebook...i'm in class right now but decided to drop it off here right quick. the character's name is jaykob...totally made his name up today. so yeah


ye ole m00k!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

draw'ama rama rama hey!!!

hola mi amigos and amigas!!!

tis is i again with more art to show. but first and update on me. schools kicking my butt all over the floor but i'm kicking back. i just got my car back from the garage account of another student hitting my car..but yay i got it back!!! um...oh!!..yes yes my friends and i attended workshop hosted by Women in Animation on thursday for their monthly storyboard pitch night held at the animation guild in north hollywood(which was cool btw) they are some cool gals there. got to meet other storyboard artist and got to see some of there stuff. got some good connections and hopefully we could continue going there in the near future. but yeah enough of me yapping..time to shut my piehole and show some stuff right? well here you go.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

pigs! eskimo's! and the simpsons!!!

Hola mi amigos and amigas!!

it's been awhile eh? yeah schools taking a lot of my time away from me blogger...but don't fret!!! i got some art to show....yes some art. anywhoo, the drawing is more of my designs for my lil eskimo girl eshka for my animation short "igloo no no" i was thinkin of ditching the character design i have now, but with time pressing and midterms next week.....Egads!!!....midterms next week!?!?!?!..i'll just stick with what i have and make do with what i have. but yeah did you notice the banner logo thinga'mah'jig i have up there of the little piggy and the balloon? so yeah i wanted something to match my saying of super fantastical images of the extraordinary and that image of a pig and balloon popped up. i did that in flash which i love drawing in....oh yes the simpsons!!! i saw the movie last night with my little family at the drive in that was doubled up with the die hard movie...btw for not watching the 1st three was not bad at all...that outta the way the simpsons movie was great. the use of 3d and 2d was fantastic and the content that they pulled off that they couldn't do in the television series was some belly touching knee slapping good stuff. if you love the simpsons go out and watch yeah enough of that here's the art

ye ole m00k

Thursday, July 19, 2007

the penguins are coming!!

hola people!! i know people are sick of penguins with all these movies coming out the past year...but i couldn't resist. here's one of two penguins for my little short.

ye ole m00k

main character design

hola, thought i'd share you my colors of my main character done in flash for my next animation short.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

eskimo a go go!!!

so yeah i'm still doing designs for my advance web animation class and i'm leaning towards more to the lil eskimo girl and the pesky penguins...the most favorite design i like still is the fat kid on the bike...him and my new character tobias which is the guy in the middle.

oh and i'm gonna post this again...but with the cat tightened up...enjoy

ye ole m00k

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Elbow Space!!!!

here's a still shot of my animation short "Elbow Space" i'll try get that up here soon....but for now here you go. more art soon

ye ole m00k

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Here we go!!!!

So yeah, hi 1st post on my 1st week of school with some 1st character designs for my advance web animation class. here it is...for our first thing to do in that class we have to choices for homework; one. if we have a story planned out work on storyboarding the story out. two. do character designs for a potential story. draw it out and clean it up using flash. so i took the ladder and took character design first account of not really having a real solid story you know. Anywhoo, after my rigging class, bobby, ivan and i headed over to the Macdonald's to do some drawing for a couple hours. good couple of hours too might i add. it was just getting to darn cold in there you know. but yeah enough of me carrying's what i drew...i love the fat kid on the tricycle myself

enjoy ye ole m00k