Thursday, November 1, 2007

happy post halloween!!!

hola mi amigas and ami'ghouls!!!

tis is post halloween and the night was good with the creepy crawlers dominating the night. my family went trick'o treatin collect delicious sugary confections. my lovely girl dressed up as a gothic raggity ann, while our little one jadeyn dressed up as bell from beauty and the beast. yours truly donned the most coolest outfit ever i was a killer b!!! i provided a image of what the costume looked like. i'll post some actual halloween pictures a little later.

hmmmm, whatelse.....ah yes! my friends and i attended the women in animation organizations special meeting held at the beautiful dreamworks animation studio in glendale about how to make a animation short. the attendees was packed and the guest comprised of people from disney television animation, mytoons, frederator, and nickelodeon. they had very good info about pitching ideas to the studio and the do's and don'ts of how to present your animation short. a good night was held by all *smiles*

now, lets so some art yes?
here it is. some model sheets of my characters for my next short and a personal piece paying homage to my hometown of long beach.

ye ole wise one


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