Sunday, January 16, 2011

Going Kiwi on animation paper y'all!

Hola amigos and amigas!

How's everyone doing? I hope everyone is having a kewl weekend! So the other day at six point, my new pals trevor spencer, andrea fernandez and myself had a conversation about art, and how it's hard to find a sketchbook that has that "right" feel when drawing on it. Trevor mentioned that he usually draws on loose sheets of paper, especially animation paper. I mentioned to him I never drew on that kind of paper before, "he's all you never did? You gotta try it! " So the cool guy that Trevor is, went to get some out of his bag and gave me some. I was excited as hell and after work, I sat at my desk and drew....and man....did it feel good! Really good! So I'm sharing what I sketched that night.

Other things I'm sharing is the cool piccy of a smile it up card, taken in the kiwi country New Zealand by the awesome jez tuya. Thanks A lot man that's really cool pic! where is it at exactly? I love the floating globe there lol. Other things is my new profile piccy and a sketch of a dude name dave, and his little mean dog name killer. Well that's it from here...oh I bought some envelopes for the sketchcards, so hold tight homies! Oh and a BIG BIG thank you for all of you who started and continue to follow the blog. Thank you very much. OH OH annnd I got my my blog linked on the awesome awesome skottie young's blog!!!! That made my day, shoot the whole year!!! Thanks Skottie! I've been a fan since way back in the day.


ye ole m00k!

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Holidays/ New Year and all that good stuff....hey, better late then never.....right?

Hola My Dear Amigos and Amigas!

First posty of the year, and I wanna wish all of us a fantastic year and peace on earth! Now let's get into my lame excuses of not posting lol. well, it's like this........there is none! I've been lazy! lol Now now, don't get me wrong. After work at the studio, I do draw. But finding the time to scan and post is tough. But...I'm gonna try and be a good blogger citizen and find that time.

Anyhwoo! how are all of you? I hope everything is well with you guys. For this m00k, everything has been keen for this lima bean. Since working at six point, it's been a blast. Just surrounded by so much talent is just incredible, and getting to be challenged and pushing my skills everyday is making me more and more hungry to learn and grow as much as I can while I'm there.

Well enough of my talk let's get down to the posty. I am happy to announce to you guys that some of the cards have made it to there new homes =) Thanks to Gabby, George and Patrick for taking the pictures in Florida, London, and Germany. The next batch of cards are coming to the next winners as soon as I get envelopes. I did five more cards way back in November and finally got to share it with you. TJ, Chenny and my deviantart friend in Turkey are getting cards. Chenny and TJ just hold on tight guys.

Finally some random sketchys in my new sketchbook.......Oh and ROCKETBABY, I am still working on. I'll post somemore stuff in the near future. well that's it from me


ye ole m00k