Sunday, January 16, 2011

Going Kiwi on animation paper y'all!

Hola amigos and amigas!

How's everyone doing? I hope everyone is having a kewl weekend! So the other day at six point, my new pals trevor spencer, andrea fernandez and myself had a conversation about art, and how it's hard to find a sketchbook that has that "right" feel when drawing on it. Trevor mentioned that he usually draws on loose sheets of paper, especially animation paper. I mentioned to him I never drew on that kind of paper before, "he's all you never did? You gotta try it! " So the cool guy that Trevor is, went to get some out of his bag and gave me some. I was excited as hell and after work, I sat at my desk and drew....and man....did it feel good! Really good! So I'm sharing what I sketched that night.

Other things I'm sharing is the cool piccy of a smile it up card, taken in the kiwi country New Zealand by the awesome jez tuya. Thanks A lot man that's really cool pic! where is it at exactly? I love the floating globe there lol. Other things is my new profile piccy and a sketch of a dude name dave, and his little mean dog name killer. Well that's it from here...oh I bought some envelopes for the sketchcards, so hold tight homies! Oh and a BIG BIG thank you for all of you who started and continue to follow the blog. Thank you very much. OH OH annnd I got my my blog linked on the awesome awesome skottie young's blog!!!! That made my day, shoot the whole year!!! Thanks Skottie! I've been a fan since way back in the day.


ye ole m00k!


Jez Tuya said...

I took the photo at Civic Square in Wellington :D It's basically where the cultural hub of the city is. You should come visit,; I'll show you around

and thanks so much for the card dude! Love it!

Lloyd said...

Holy Hell!! another wayne drawing!! gotta save it quick!

Trevor Spencer said...

awesome work man! im glad you enjoyed the animation paper.

keep on drawing and posting! im pumped we're PALS! we have to hang out a bit more together drawing and talking art.

see you tomorrow :)

Gulzar said...

Holy Molly! I love your new avataar. Wicked-da-h

Ahhh Trevor...wanna be his pal too, will he give me animation papers as well? :)
Love it.

Tibo3D said...

Great!! Nice drawings!

Gabby Zapata said...

jez makes my pic versus his look like poop haha (it's like i'm the only one that did my face hahahah.. oh well) But that's awesome. Animation paper huh? I probably still have some left over. I'll give it a try sometime too :)! Fantastic work as always!

Benoit Therriault said...

Hey, I have been reading through your awesome blog this morning. Great Designs!!!! I'll remember I need be back here for sure!
Thanks for your visit ;)

Javier M. said...

Hey thanks for stopping by Wayne! I stumbled upon your blog a few weeks ago and loved what i saw! I'm looking forward to your post! Love the girl on your the card. I have a hard time drawing girls but i'll get some inspiration from your blog!

Justin Rodrigues said...

Great stuff as always man! Isn't animation paper the greatest. I have a small stack that Mark Mcdonnell gave me. I'm almost afraid to waste it.

Oscar Rosales said...

Glad to see a new post! Nice characters man, love the new avatar! 'Till next time,take care!

Anonymous said...

@ Wayne, good seeing new posts again! How's things? You're absolutely right about about animation paper, that's all I ever draw on! Of course, we're expecting more posts now ....

Fabian said...

I heard that the best sketchbook to draw is the one that does not cost much and has no special paper for then you are free to make a what ever you want without being "afraid" to draw in it. Still, wonder what kind of sketchbook you guys found.
Amazing blog you have, you have really awesome style! I will follow you. :)

Freckles said...

Great blog! I cafe sketch in a canson univeral 9x12 but for concepts or characters I take out a pad of newsprint and a drawing board! I love the big pages!

Monstertree said...

Nice, really smooth lines - animation paper is great to draw on isn't it? Now if I could only find something as smooth, that can take some paint, I'd be a very happy man!

Sjan Weijers said...

just here to say: great avatar!

Adam said...

Great drawings! Nice shape and structure. ;D

Wayne B. Medina said...

Jez- You're welcome brotha man! And yes I will go there someday man!

Lloyd- Lol thanks man! How are you doing man?

Trev- hehe I'm pumped as well man. Still can't believe we're pals cool!

G-haha ask him man. He's a very nice guy =)

Tibo3d- Thanks a lot my friend =)

Gabby- ooo please do some drawing on the paper! I would love to see what you do! lol and don't sweat the piccy, yours is just as good and you smiled and i'm happy and thankful for that =)

Benoit- Hey man, thank you for coming to my blog! Yeah man I really enjoyed you stuff...really enjoyed!

Javier- Hey bro, I inspire you and you inspire me. Let
's channel this energy and produce some awesome stuff. Thanks man =)

Justin- lol dude I totally feel you on that! Trev gave me like three sheets and I only drew on one lolz...well I drew a tiny face on the other hehe

Oscar- Thanks buddy! You been bustin out some cool stuff bro! keep em coming alright?

Arjan- Hey Arjan! My friend! Yes yes I do need to post more heh. But yeah, things are good man. Been working and I just got some freelance on the side, So it's good man! How about you?

Fabian- Hey Fabian! Thanks for commenting man. You brought up a very good point man about cheap sketchbooks. I never really thought about that heh. Maybe I should tho. I have so many sketchbooks. Nowadays, My choice or the ones i'm working in are moleskines, clairfontaine Graf it 909, loose typing paper, and my brown recyclable sketchpad. Thanks for the follow. I'll definitely check your blog out

George-Yes my friend, it is really good to draw on! I shall order more and be happy! But yeah if they have something to hold paint as that's god's work right there lolz

Sjan- lol thank you so much! I'm glad you like it =)

Adam- Hey Adam Thanks alot man, I really appreciate that. I dig you avatar man! I'll visit your blog soon

Gulzar said...

Haha! Am kidding bro...I got like nearly 5kg of animation! got em when I was doing classical animation for year. Darn but I miss those papers, gotta pick em from home next time when I go :)

jazzlamb said...

Love the flow and the shapes! Your work is always so loose and wild, I love it! Mega-dig these! :D

Trent Correy said...

Oh man I hate how well you draw!!!!
It's cool you're working at 6 point, I hear good things about it. Plus those guys you're working with are awesome, a lot of Sheridan down there!
Goodluck man, glad to see you;re dooing well, I just can't get over your awesome drawings.

Dam Ferreira said...

great job

Patrick Leyendecker said...

hola wayne,
i wait for your next post, but i hope its a good sign, i hope you have enought work (wich you like), i wanted to thank you for your tip with the wood for my project, now it´s done and it looks great. many greetings. pat

Anonymous said...

Six Point looks like a great place to work, I'm glad you've found an inspiring place to work! Yeah, things are OK here too. Been too busy, so I took a few weeks off to work on my own stuff. How are your own projects coming along? The comic cover looks awesome!

Oscar Rosales said...

Wayne! What's going on bro!? Waiting for a new post :)

Owen Flanagan said...

Great drawings Wayne. the post below is fantastic aswell.

Wayne B. Medina said...

G- Serious man! =)

Jasjyot- Thanks dude! How's it going

Trent- Hey buddy how's everything up at the new job man? Thanks a lot for the kind words man, you're too much hehe

Dam- Thanks man!

Pat- Oh cool man! I'm glad your project went well brotha! I'm happy to hear that man!

Arjan- Hey thanks man! Always happy to hear from you bro. Yeah I was working on some stuff but work is just taking a lot outta me for the time being. But there is something in the works right now tho...stay tune

Oscar- Hey buddy! Yeah just posted brotha..sorry for the wait heh, hope the new post is good enough for now. I've been checking your site man, you bustin out some cool stuff! Get to that 100th post man! =)

Owen- Hi Owen! Thank you man! it's always a pleasure to have you drop by man!