Saturday, January 8, 2011

Happy Holidays/ New Year and all that good stuff....hey, better late then never.....right?

Hola My Dear Amigos and Amigas!

First posty of the year, and I wanna wish all of us a fantastic year and peace on earth! Now let's get into my lame excuses of not posting lol. well, it's like this........there is none! I've been lazy! lol Now now, don't get me wrong. After work at the studio, I do draw. But finding the time to scan and post is tough. But...I'm gonna try and be a good blogger citizen and find that time.

Anyhwoo! how are all of you? I hope everything is well with you guys. For this m00k, everything has been keen for this lima bean. Since working at six point, it's been a blast. Just surrounded by so much talent is just incredible, and getting to be challenged and pushing my skills everyday is making me more and more hungry to learn and grow as much as I can while I'm there.

Well enough of my talk let's get down to the posty. I am happy to announce to you guys that some of the cards have made it to there new homes =) Thanks to Gabby, George and Patrick for taking the pictures in Florida, London, and Germany. The next batch of cards are coming to the next winners as soon as I get envelopes. I did five more cards way back in November and finally got to share it with you. TJ, Chenny and my deviantart friend in Turkey are getting cards. Chenny and TJ just hold on tight guys.

Finally some random sketchys in my new sketchbook.......Oh and ROCKETBABY, I am still working on. I'll post somemore stuff in the near future. well that's it from me


ye ole m00k


Gabby Zapata said...

Haha woohoo! Can't thank you enough for this awesome sketch-a-rooo! :) Awesome work as always!

TJ Lubrano said...

Heeey Wayne!! Happy New Year & Welcome back! It's so awesome to hear that you're having a blast at your work! Love to see the pictures of the others & your drawings!

I'm doing fine here, working on lots of pieces for portfolio and mug designs! I can't wait for my card :D.

Ciaoooo *waves*

Gulzar said...

Thanks for dropping by brother Wayne :)
You got some nice things cooking in here. I wanna one art too man :)
hit me with some and I shall do the same...send some work across :)

Loving the space you are in brother :)

Miss-Manitas said...

Wow! what a great characteres. I love the girl with the withe hair...I like the expession, the design... :D
Happy new year!

Oscar Rosales said...

Hey Wayne! Glad to have you back in the blog world! Once again, congrats on the job and Happy New Year! Take care buddy! I look forward to your next post as always!

Chenny said...

Happy New Year! these sketch's are soooo cool! i love the ones of the younger boys, great design! and don't worry, i'll be patient...but i cant WAIT to receive one of those beautiful cards :D
I'm glad you're enjoying six point! save a spot for me ;)

Sami said...

Wow! How I wish I could get my hands on one of those cards :)

Keep rocking... and keep smiling!

Trevor Spencer said...

awesome stuff WAYNE! cant wait to see more :)

keep on posting. we should go do some cafe drawing sometime!

see you tomorrow :)

Patrick Leyendecker said...

jap thanks again, it´s a great idea with your cards. i very happy about mine. greetings

Tibo3D said...

Bonne année !!
Really great drawings!! very funny!

Claudio Cerri said...

I love your art! I follow you!

DrawDoll said...

WAAAAAAAAAYYYYYNNNNNNNEEEEEEE!!!! ARggghhhhhhhh!!!!! Soooooo good friend! You make leaps here! You get better and better all the time dude keep it up you make me want to draw all the more :)

DrawDoll said...

Also.... I love the comic book cover in the previous post... keep this up and maybe we can squeeze you into the book. MAYBE!!! Hahahahahahaha ;)

Anthony Holden said...

Great characters! Happy New Year!

Wayne B. Medina said...

Gabby- Hey Gabby!!! Again I'm glad you enjoy the card, and thank you again for being coooool!

TJ- *waves* Hi TJ!! Yeah, I can't wait to show you what we are working on! But I'm glad to hear you are working on your portfolio and those cool mugs. =)

G-man- Yeah dude, love the space you are in as well my brotha!

Susana- Hola Susana! Muchos Gracias! Happy New year to you! =)

Oscar- Hey buddy! Good to be back, I'll be trying to hang around more often. But yeah, keep cranking your stuff out bro!

Chenny- Haha yeah I can't wait to send it off to you girl! But yes, Hopefully I'll get to stay on after this project, so I can keep that seat for ya =) Are you gonna intern here soon?

Sami- Thanks Sami m'man! You keep smiling as well brotha

Trevor- Thanks man! Yeah we should totally do some cafe sketching! I'm glad to be working with you and the sheridan gang....and Andrea. Lol

Patrick-Yeah man no problem, I'm glad you are enjoying my gift to you. Just keep smiling man

TIibo3D- Thank you very much man! =)

Claudio- Oh cool thank you very much Claudio! =)

Andrea-Lol lol lol you're are hilarious!!! maybe I'll just make my own book eh? lol But yeah, Love all the
enthusiasm you and trev have about art, it's so infectious.

Anthony- Happy New Year to you as well man! And thank you for the follow, I am honored!

-GFT- said...

Wow ! I just discover your blog and looove it :D

Have a great day :3

Wayne B. Medina said...

Hi Genevieve! Hehe thank you very much my friend! You do the same =)