Tuesday, October 5, 2010







congratulations ya mooks!!!! For the rest of you, do not fret. i will do another raffle in about a month or so, or when i send out the last of the sketchcards =)

or....if you just want to trade i don't mind. I know a couple of you guys mentioned that. But for now...I want to give! yaaaaaay!


ye ole m00k!

oh and for the winners...just email me, or i'll email. either way lol

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Oh Holland! :: SMILE IT UP RAFFLE!

Hola Amigos and Amigas!

So....The card made it, and found it's new home in Holland! WooHoo! Such a joy when My new buddy Arjan sent me some piccys of the little guy. Honestly speaking I almost teared up in joy, finally seeing it. Hahaha it's like my kid and I sent him off! The neat thing about this was that Arjan apologized that he didn't take the pic at the famous mills of Kinderdijk, instead at a mill by his home where he got married at! Personally I think that that story is wonderful and more personal. Anywhoo I'm glad you like the sketchcard man, and thank you thank you thank you for being the 100th.

Now...it begins. THE SMILE IT UP RAFFLE. So who's gonna get the next skechcard eh? beats me! but I thought to myself, why not have more than one winner? So here's the low down. 5 of you MOOKIES will get to win. yep 5! I'm thinking i'll do this once in awhile until all of you get one. At first I was gonna just give all of you guys free sketchcards, but that would be nuts lol. This way should be easier. For me that is =) So i'll get all you mooks name in a hat and pick out the lucky five. Once you get picked, you simply email me confirming you are still alive or following lol. I draw the card, send it out, and ask if you such as Arjan, would kindly take a picture of it in your natural habitat ;) This time show your mugs SMILING IT UP! HEHEHEHE. if not, that's fine too, just take a snapshot please.

I'll post the rest of the pics Arjan took on my facebook page. If you're not my friend there...well raspberries on you my friend j/k

Oh i'm still drawing so hold tight everyone


ye ole m00k!

EDIT:// So I will be picking out the winners tomorrow evening and post the 5 lucky winners Tuesday. All 118 Mookies are in the hat. new mookies after however will not be in the drawing. Don't fret, this raffle will be on frequently. GOOD LUCK TO YOU ALL!!!!