Sunday, November 28, 2010

If I had a graphic novel, this is what the cover would look like. Ladies and Germs, I present..ROCKETBABY

It would look like this!!!!! lol

Hola Amigos and Amigas!

How's' everyone doing out there? Me? Well......I would like to say *ahem* I finally got a job in the animation biznaz! YESSIREEE!!!! I am a character layout artist at Six Point Harness Animation Studios in the Heart of Hollywood! Thanks to my good friend Ivan for getting my work to one of the producers there. I've been working There since last monday. I get to work with one cool cat Director in Joel Trussell, and an awesome crew. So yeah the journey continues for this mook here =)

Anywhoo, let's post some stuff now! So, before I got the job at Six Point, I was working on some ideas on my graphic novels. One being ROCKETBABY. A story that has, punk music!, ufo's!, shadow governments!, extraterrestrial beings! love! and some ford edsals! yep...edsals, all mixed up together. I'll give you a run down of each character in future post. but today I share a mock cover. Let me know what you think. The colors I found out are a little different from my mac to pc, it sucks but what can i do eh?

Oh and I sent the cards to the winners. I have also decided to give some cards to three lucky ladies. since the last raffle it was all dudes and I thought it would be nice to give to the ladies as well. Those ladies are, TJ Lubrano, Gabby Zapata and Chenny Curtis.

Well That's it for now

Smile it up!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Smile it up sketchcards comin at'cha!!!!!

Hola Amigos and Amigas!

So here are the sketchcards that i'm gonna send out soon to the lucky raffle weeners! I was having a blast last night drawing them. I hope you guys like em! Let me know what you guys think of them

Smile it up!

ye ole m00k!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sketchy post Tuesday ay ay ay!!!!!!

Hola Dear Amigos and Amigas!!!

whaddup? It's been a hot minute hasn't it? Early morning posting. My apologies for the brief pause my friends =) Hope Everyone had a nice weekend and Halloween. First and foremost, the winners of the sketchcards. They will come my friends. I promise you, you may hate me until they come heh =) I have only three out of the five that responded to the emails I've sent out. So I'll send out to the other two again. If I don't get a response outta either of them, I'm afraid I'll will have to pick other mookies out of the hat.

Now for the sketchy post, just some stuff I've been sketching around here and there from the past few months. These made the cut. One in particular is a sketch of me when I was a boy in the eighties. My twin and I loved legos. *ahem* Let me iterate that again. We LOOOOOOOOOOVE LEGOS!!!!!....HOLLLLY STUFF YES WE DO! LOL! Other than drawing all the time, we loved creating stuff with the little plastic pieces. we'd make stuff and name each of our lego peeps, and have stories and places to go. awesome memories I must say.

Anywhoo, yes...that's me with the bowl cut. what of it huh? I had my lego all in a blanket from korean air, that I got when we went to the philippines when we were young, and I would put the blanket with legos in a cardboard box that I would lug around the house lol Anyhow one of the personal projects i'm working on is my autobiography comic that i want to do. You say...isn't that kinda too much? a litte bigheaded drawing about yourself? I would say no. If you have something to say and had a life like me and my bro, why not? I look up to a lot of autobio comic artist, such as jeffery brown, craig thompson, and the likes. And just the intimacy they have to share their life just speaks to me, and still does. I look at art as not only sharing cool drawings and stuff, but to share it like a second opinion that you believe in. So yeah, the sketch is one of the first I did. I'm working on the look of the book, and I hope to share more in the future.

Other sketchys are studies of people on the blog the sartorialist. I love fashion. I won't go as far to say I'm a fashionista or anything lol...well my bro is, but I like styles. It's another creative outlet that I enjoy looking at and get inspired, whatelse.....tree studies and blah blah blah....I gotta post lol

it's good to blog again and i'll be rejoining the blogosphere to blog it up like the best of them. y'all have fun out there ya hear!


ye ole m00k!

Oh and I have yet another personal project that I will hopefully share soon!