Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Sketchy post Tuesday ay ay ay!!!!!!

Hola Dear Amigos and Amigas!!!

whaddup? It's been a hot minute hasn't it? Early morning posting. My apologies for the brief pause my friends =) Hope Everyone had a nice weekend and Halloween. First and foremost, the winners of the sketchcards. They will come my friends. I promise you, you may hate me until they come heh =) I have only three out of the five that responded to the emails I've sent out. So I'll send out to the other two again. If I don't get a response outta either of them, I'm afraid I'll will have to pick other mookies out of the hat.

Now for the sketchy post, just some stuff I've been sketching around here and there from the past few months. These made the cut. One in particular is a sketch of me when I was a boy in the eighties. My twin and I loved legos. *ahem* Let me iterate that again. We LOOOOOOOOOOVE LEGOS!!!!!....HOLLLLY STUFF YES WE DO! LOL! Other than drawing all the time, we loved creating stuff with the little plastic pieces. we'd make stuff and name each of our lego peeps, and have stories and places to go. awesome memories I must say.

Anywhoo, yes...that's me with the bowl cut. what of it huh? I had my lego all in a blanket from korean air, that I got when we went to the philippines when we were young, and I would put the blanket with legos in a cardboard box that I would lug around the house lol Anyhow one of the personal projects i'm working on is my autobiography comic that i want to do. You say...isn't that kinda too much? a litte bigheaded drawing about yourself? I would say no. If you have something to say and had a life like me and my bro, why not? I look up to a lot of autobio comic artist, such as jeffery brown, craig thompson, and the likes. And just the intimacy they have to share their life just speaks to me, and still does. I look at art as not only sharing cool drawings and stuff, but to share it like a second voice...an opinion that you believe in. So yeah, the sketch is one of the first I did. I'm working on the look of the book, and I hope to share more in the future.

Other sketchys are studies of people on the blog the sartorialist. I love fashion. I won't go as far to say I'm a fashionista or anything lol...well my bro is, but I like styles. It's another creative outlet that I enjoy looking at and get inspired, whatelse.....tree studies and blah blah blah....I gotta post lol

it's good to blog again and i'll be rejoining the blogosphere to blog it up like the best of them. y'all have fun out there ya hear!


ye ole m00k!

Oh and I have yet another personal project that I will hopefully share soon!


aintshakespeare said...

I like the kid playing. My favorite are those trees. Great job on those.

Abz said...

Good stuff, you've been busy!

Gabby Zapata said...

that was a fabulous story. I remember not liking legos just cuz I ended up stepping on them with my bare feet! ahaa.. but yes, Legos are the best. In fact, one of my classes from last year, we played with legos on the first day!
Nice sketches as usual :)!

Steven Wayne Howard said...

nice stuff, dude! you should check out the Lego stuff in my blog. I'm still working on a 4ft long space jet whenever I get the time to go back to Iowa. Check it out!

Trent Correy said...

Awww lego. Good times.
Awesome posts Wayne, Love it! I won't be going to CTN anymore as I got a new job out West and must move during that time:( Next year!!
What you been up to?

Oscar Rosales said...

Very cool stuff like always...autobio comic huh? Sounds cool, looking forward to it :)

Wayne B. Medina said...

aintshakespeare- Hey thanks Michael! I'm glad you dig them

Abz- thanks man, yeah trying to stay busy man

Gabby- That's so awesome Gab! Dude I wish I had a class where we played with legos on the first day. What class was it may I ask?

Steven- Oh cool man! I most definitely will check it out! thanks Steven

Trent- Hey whaddup buddy! Congrats on the new job man! where out west? and what are you gonna be working on? Yeah I'm probably not gonna go to CTN this year as well. I'm kinda tight on money and i'm totally sad about not going.

as for me just developing some of my own stuff and trying to get some freelance here and there.

Oscar- Yeah and another graphic novel type thing. How you been bro?

joe said...

Whoa! Wayne your stuff is lookin so sick! Keep up the great work and congrats on your freelance stuff!

Tophile said...

I love the way you are drawing your postcard !And I really love sketch of the fashionista whith his big glasses !

Also it's a very good idea to do an autobiographic comics, I dont really know for you in the USA, but in France a lot of people do that. And I really like to read a fair story, behind cool design like you do !

I'm starting the production of my student movie, and I'm pressed (?) to show you my stuff, to have your advices ! (Soon on my blog)

Anonymous said...

ahh love these sketches! Especially the little girl one :)