Sunday, September 23, 2007

a break! wabbits!! and european swimwear!!!

hola hola hola amigos and amigas!!!!!!

yes yes yes the quarter is over and i got through it. i missed my blog so much and most of all drawing. but today i finally got around and sat and did some sketches doodles and fun'ness!!! right now i'm doing some design work for a patch i'm going to be doing for my girlfriend's purse. she wanted an image of a drawing i did a long time ago of a man in a bunny suit. so i started drawing them and is eventually led me to draw just bunnies with out the man in suit. so yes. all did in prisma marker, ball point pen...good times. the second sketch i did was a random doodle of a bird and the continuing theme of men in suits. so i decided to draw a man in a man. but not just any man....a EUROPEAN speedo's. the european swim fashion. not to knock european's, i think they're awesome. it's just.....tiny speedo's on big hairy euro guys.....ew.


ye ole m00k!!!!

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Ivan's blog said...

The european guy is comedy.