Saturday, August 25, 2007

draw'ama rama rama hey!!!

hola mi amigos and amigas!!!

tis is i again with more art to show. but first and update on me. schools kicking my butt all over the floor but i'm kicking back. i just got my car back from the garage account of another student hitting my car..but yay i got it back!!! um...oh!!..yes yes my friends and i attended workshop hosted by Women in Animation on thursday for their monthly storyboard pitch night held at the animation guild in north hollywood(which was cool btw) they are some cool gals there. got to meet other storyboard artist and got to see some of there stuff. got some good connections and hopefully we could continue going there in the near future. but yeah enough of me yapping..time to shut my piehole and show some stuff right? well here you go.

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Bobby Walker said...

Them junts fresh as a mug playa. When u do the red one?