Thursday, July 12, 2007

Here we go!!!!

So yeah, hi 1st post on my 1st week of school with some 1st character designs for my advance web animation class. here it is...for our first thing to do in that class we have to choices for homework; one. if we have a story planned out work on storyboarding the story out. two. do character designs for a potential story. draw it out and clean it up using flash. so i took the ladder and took character design first account of not really having a real solid story you know. Anywhoo, after my rigging class, bobby, ivan and i headed over to the Macdonald's to do some drawing for a couple hours. good couple of hours too might i add. it was just getting to darn cold in there you know. but yeah enough of me carrying's what i drew...i love the fat kid on the tricycle myself

enjoy ye ole m00k

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Ivan's blog said...

your gonna love the color i did for fatboy wayne.oh and i finally updated this thing.