Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Lil mook is coming!

Hola Everyone!

So...I'm gonna be a Dad any day now! I totally forgot to mention that on ye ole blog here lol! My daughter should be arriving any day now, according to our doctor my girl I went to this morning. So about two weeks ago we had a babyshower and was asked to do the invitation. Today I'll be sharing with you the pencils and the colors. Also I'll be sharing a quick freestyle painting I did. Gotta learn how to paint more...and environments as well.

Also Still trying to figure out little things here and there about selling my book on here. For those waiting to buy the book and are going to buy outside the United States, I know the shipping is going to be bananas....I'll throw in some original sketches and stuff for your trouble...how's that sound?

until next time!

ye ole m00k!



Isaac Orloff Illustration said...

congrats man. I still have that sketch coming your way, sorry for the delay! I have a ton to send out.

Kristina Bustamante said...

Congratulations Wayne! Now I wonder if your art is going to suddenly turn cutesy from your future daughter's influence, haha. The children storybook style really suits you. The animal illustration is so adorable!

rico said...

Congrats man, being a daddy is the best!!

Javier M. said...

Congrats man! Awesome News! Thanks for stopping by the Old Blog! Always appreciated-J

Oscar Rosales said...

Hey Wayne! Congrats Buddy! Wishing you the best in life man, you deserve it!

George Bletsis said...

Wow that's great news, congratulations!
The baby shower piece is awesome, love the block colours accented with lines.

jazzlamb said...

WOOHOO! Loving the new stuff! And CONGRATULATIONS, may the big day come soon :) And all the best for future! Loving the Adidas man a lot!

Patrick Leyendecker said...

congratulations wayne, i wish your baby your wife and you everything best and a good time, send you many greetings. pat

Andrea Fernandez said...

Oh man that's soo exciting Wayne :D!!!!

Justin Rodrigues said...

beautiful stuff as always and congrats my friend!

Wayne B. Medina said...

Isaac- It's all good man! Thanks! Which sketch did I give you again?

Kristina- Hey girl how's it going? I know huh? Everything is going to be animals and all the likes heh! Hey what's your blog now...last time I heard you were moving it?

Rico- thanks brotha! Yeah man it's going to be cool! although technically I have one already...but not biologically mine...but I treat her like she's mine :)

Javier- Thanks bro, and no problemo! You have some awesome stuff!

Oscar- thanks buddy! One day we gotta hook up and draw one of these days

George- Hey thanks man! I'm glad you like the invite

J- thanks man! and I'm glad you liked the adidas dude!

Pat- Pat! Thanks a lot brotha! I hope everything is going well for you

Andrea- I know huh? Can't wait!

Justin- Hey thanks buddy! Keep churning out the dope stuff bro!

Sjan Weijers said...

heeeey congrats mooks! So happy for you!

Great drawings as always, love the little monkey ^^

GhettoFab said...

Hey congrats sir! Slick slick slick. Look forward to hearin the stories :)

Hope all is crackalackin

Nikolas Ilic said...

this looks really cool! :)

Sami said...

Whoa Wayne! Awesome expressions :) That monkey is me, I tell ya ;)

Tapan Gandhi said...

Such a cute illustration! And the one with the animals on the top is pretty good too ;) hahahaha

Seriously, that little girl is gonna have the best nursery.

Brandon Pike said...

Congratulations Wayne! Amazing stuff as always!

Wayne B. Medina said...

Sjan- Hey thank you Sjan!!! Yeah I loved drawing that little dude :)

Mel- Thank you sir! Yes I'll be a certified baby blogger now :)

Nikolas- Thanks bro!!!

Sami- Haha thanks Sami!

Tapan- Hahaha I hope so! You're gonna decorate then huh huh huh?? *wink wink nudge nudge* Love the new profile piccy man!

Brandon- Hey man how's it going? Thanks dude! :)