Monday, August 27, 2007

a fast drop off!!!!

hola mi amigos and amigas!!!

more art people...did this probably three weeks ago and i just found it in my school notebook...i'm in class right now but decided to drop it off here right quick. the character's name is jaykob...totally made his name up today. so yeah


ye ole m00k!!

Saturday, August 25, 2007

draw'ama rama rama hey!!!

hola mi amigos and amigas!!!

tis is i again with more art to show. but first and update on me. schools kicking my butt all over the floor but i'm kicking back. i just got my car back from the garage account of another student hitting my car..but yay i got it back!!! um...oh!!..yes yes my friends and i attended workshop hosted by Women in Animation on thursday for their monthly storyboard pitch night held at the animation guild in north hollywood(which was cool btw) they are some cool gals there. got to meet other storyboard artist and got to see some of there stuff. got some good connections and hopefully we could continue going there in the near future. but yeah enough of me yapping..time to shut my piehole and show some stuff right? well here you go.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

pigs! eskimo's! and the simpsons!!!

Hola mi amigos and amigas!!

it's been awhile eh? yeah schools taking a lot of my time away from me blogger...but don't fret!!! i got some art to show....yes some art. anywhoo, the drawing is more of my designs for my lil eskimo girl eshka for my animation short "igloo no no" i was thinkin of ditching the character design i have now, but with time pressing and midterms next week.....Egads!!!....midterms next week!?!?!?!..i'll just stick with what i have and make do with what i have. but yeah did you notice the banner logo thinga'mah'jig i have up there of the little piggy and the balloon? so yeah i wanted something to match my saying of super fantastical images of the extraordinary and that image of a pig and balloon popped up. i did that in flash which i love drawing in....oh yes the simpsons!!! i saw the movie last night with my little family at the drive in that was doubled up with the die hard movie...btw for not watching the 1st three was not bad at all...that outta the way the simpsons movie was great. the use of 3d and 2d was fantastic and the content that they pulled off that they couldn't do in the television series was some belly touching knee slapping good stuff. if you love the simpsons go out and watch yeah enough of that here's the art

ye ole m00k