Saturday, May 24, 2008

ole johnny blaze

here's a render of ghost rider along with the initial sketch.


Joseph Lee said...

Cool rendition of the 'Rider! Too bad the movie wasn't that hot man. A very cool characer in the Marvel verse.

Chris Bivins said...

Hey Wayne, i love the blue sketches you've been doing on your site. The sketchy quality is beautiful. Don't loose it in the finished piece. That's something I'm trying to do in my own work. As far as school goes, I would say just stay on track and don't loose sight of your goal. Figure out what you want your reel to accomplish and just get it done. I feel into that trap with mine when I graduated and I'm just now redoing mine after a year of graduating. Lesson learned I say. Anyway appreciate you wanting advice. Take care man and I hope you graduate and get that dream job. I'll definitely be coming back here.


Wayne B. Medina said...

joseph-yeah i never saw the movie thank goodness, but the rider is pretty cool heh :) thanks for checking me blog out

Chris-hey man thanks for the much needed advise, i appreciate the time you had for checking out the blog as well. i'll be checking your blog periodically from time to time to see some of your cool stuff

take care!

Gerald said...

That is truly bad-ass!