Monday, January 19, 2009

Robin, Penguins, Joker..yeah!

hola there!

so my friends bobby, ivan and yours truly are doing a challenge over at out team blog "everwonder." we're doing up the characters in the world of the batman as we
see it in our noggins. i chose to do robin the boy wonder, the Penguin, and the joker. all did in my brown sketchbook again heh!

hope you likes

smile it up


1 comment:

Jackie Whisler said...

Hey WAYNE!!!

Awesome stuff, I LOVE robin. I want his hoodie.

I really like your joker too! Her reminds me of the jack nicholson joker...the shape of his head/hair maybe? tre cool. And penguin. of course.

Hows life been man? You been workin?