Wednesday, March 25, 2009


hello peoples!

so i've been inspired by the great movie with awesome catch phrases, nacho libre. i love the whole wild costumes and colorful decoration of mexican wrestling. these particular sketches that i did does not reflect as such lol. next time i will. hope you likes

smile it up



Kristina Bustamante said...

Just saw "Nacho Libre" recently, and I agree with you on the colorful costumes and decorations of Mexican wrestling. Heck, just Mexican culture in general, and that movie was really colorful the whole time through. Like, that bathroom in the scene where Nacho sings a song he wrote for Encarnacion? The blues and hues are just eye-catching.

Awesome designs, and I always get a kick out of how you draw legs and bellies. So much fun!

Joe Young said...

I'm really digging the second sketch you've got their Wayne and how the belly is so bulbous its going in two separate directions, same for the man boobs. But the face really adds to it, much more interesting in a three quarter turn like that. Keep it up and continue to tear it up!

Gulzar said...

Nice sleek stuffs here!
Keep em coming....and all the best with your career mate!


Wayne B. Medina said...

thank you guys!

kris-seriously huh. the colors in the movie is just awesome. did you notice how they had nacho's colors throughout the movie? tre cool!

joe- oh joe. joe joe joe! how's it going man. i hope you are tearing it up at school. anywhoo, i'm glad you likes man...what can i say i love drawing big people.

gulzar- hey thank you! welcome to my blog man. i'm glad you like the stuff here. i went to your blog and you got some awesome stuff! i'll be there to comment for sure