Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Post CTN'pocolypse!

Eddy b Venom from jessica jerome on Vimeo.

Hola Cola Amigos and Amigas!

So it's been a week and some change since CTN and I'm still recouping from all the madness. The experience was just awesome, and to finally meet all my blog pals like gabby zapata, jez tuya, issac orloff, oscar rosales, justin rodrigues, andre medina, benoit therriault and countless others, it was great...thank you guys :) Spoke with a lot of faces old and new and chatted with my bro and table mate ivan aguirre...which by the way had some awesome prints..let me say again....AWESOME! His painting so good, makes you wanna slap yo mama! Haha! Lastly thanks too all who have purchased my book or even just to talk shop and just chat....thank you deeply :)

Anywhoo, Just wanted to post that I am alive. Making a book is no joke...drove me literally Sick. I mean really sick haha. My hat tip to the guys who manage to self publish books, while working a job. Big ups to ya....I did not have a full time gig, while doing the book...I can only just imagine *shivers* If you have any questions where I printed or anything, feel free to shoot me an email and I'll answer the best I can.

Now for some piccy's eh? So tonight I'll be sharing the colored version of the spidey pic I drew two post below, some brush pen sketch in my moleyskine and a awesome little animation of my Eddy B. Venom design I did a while ago by my awesome pal jess jerome.

More post to come!

ye ole m00k!



jESS jEROME said...

I love that spider-man one. I think you should have some prints available next year....and that animation is awesome...=P

Gabby Zapata said...

It was SUPER RAD meeting you, Wayne! Sorry if I annoyed you with my presence with you and Ivan for the remainder of my time there in CA. Next time, we'll have to actually hang out for reals and go eat dinner or something. I had a nice airplane ride (after the madness) and glanced at your book on the way back :)!

Oscar Rosales said...

Again, it was really nice meeting you in person man!!! Diggin' the sketchbook drawings! Looking forward to your next book!!! ;)

Wayne B. Medina said...

Hehe it is awesome! Thanks Jess!!! I was actually thinking about making some prints for the spider man one but ran outta time......that's my story and i'm sticking with it :)

Gabs- Naw!!! Never annoyed once! It was nice actually just talking with you and getting to know you. I thought my laughter was gonna be annoying to you heh! Next time will go out and definitely eat and drink fake alcohol! *hi fives* Who had the book? I should've just gave you one!

Oscar- haha thanks for the pressure bro ;) But yeah, it was nice meeting you too...it's funny all the homies from the blogosphere, I felt really comfortable talking with them, like I knew them all my life. Really cool!

kyle said...

I likes what I sees!

Gio M. said...

Your stuff is just ridiculous..Keep the inspiration coming..

Wayne B. Medina said...

Kyle- Hey thanks man! I love your stuff!

Gio- Thanks Gio! I took a gander at your portfolio, you're dope!!!! Loving the shapes and characters bro!!!

Justin Rodrigues said...

yo man it was great to finally meet you! Loving the book. Hope to see you soon! Rest up.

Tooninator said...

good meetin' ya at CTN-X. Keep up the bad-ass work.

Leo Aquino said...

Dood! I believe you were probably one of the coolest people that I met at CTN, thank you so much for taking time to chat and sketch that awesome orange haired dude in my book! You're work is simply...amazing.

Take care and smile it up!

Nicholas Hong said...

I really enjoyed your character design! awesome!

jazzlamb said...

Lovely stuff, as usual! :D
Can't wait for you to update and put up some more awesome stuff :)