Saturday, March 16, 2013

One sketch a day: Day 366 last hurrah finale

Hola peeps!

So this is my official last entry in the sketch a day. It feels good to be done. So my adventure is over and it's time to move on. I'll be posting often still so don't fret. The one a day taught me that it's okay to post something here and not be afraid what people think if it is a bad drawing. Personally I think it will make me grow as an artist.

Anywhoo, I'll be keeping busy by getting rid of my current portfolio and making a brand spanking new one, also I'll be continuing drawing in a sketchbook and sharing it with you fine folks. This time ill be drawing in a new theme book called 642 things to draw. Every entry has a different thing to draw. Like a mushroom, or a tulip or even bob marley! I think this one would just exercise my brain and creativity and just be plain fun. Not sure it will be a daily thing but we'll see. :) thanks to my wifey for buying these sketchbooks as well!

Well enough blabbing...I got teach myself how to photoshop again lol

Thanks again for joining me with the sketch a day

Ye ole m00k!



Patrick Ballesteros said...

Congrats man.

HerbieCans said...

It's been a pleasure seing your drawings daily and your work has inspired me a lot. One year drawing a daily sketch it's a great exercise!!! :D I'll be keeping an eye on your future adventures! keep it up!