Sunday, April 13, 2008

uncle uncle, rawr rawr, omg bowling

hola cola everybody!!

as you heard on my partner in crime bobby walker over at his blog, we are currently designing characters for our pre-production class. it is about a little girl who tries everything in the book to get the stubborn tooth out of her mouth. it takes a uncle, a very strong string and a brick to make it happen...yeah you fill in the blanks. but yes i'll show you my designs and some other stuff as well. anywhoo, anybody out there went bowling? well do you remember the first time you went? well i'll remember mine because it was my very first time. my girlfriend took me bowling last night and i had a blast. first, we got to the place and got a lane. then we got the cool looking shoes. i wore my beat up shoes not knowing we had to give one up to the person to hold. i was mortified account of my shoes being dirty and smelly! anywhoo, we got to our lane, and my girl told me to go pick a ball. i was guessing at the time for the size of my fingers. so i picked my lucky weapon that i would strike the evil white pins. there i was ready to go....i felt like it was just me and the pins, silence around me, i adjust the best position to throw my heavy partner down the slick waxy surface. i wind up and i throw the ball!!!!! i release, my eyes widened knowing i will get a strike. the ball hits the surface hard and rolls hard right into the gutter!! my eyes shut! and i hear laughter everywhere around me. the silence is gone and i go back down to reality. lol. not only did i have a gutter ball, i broke two nail in the process. what a girly man lol. later that night after the game was finish, my girl told me that there was different pounds to the bowling balls, and i had a pretty heavy one. i was like what?! there's lighter ones?!?! man, i could've bowled better, i just know it. next time...oh yes next time.....bwahahahaha!!

enjoy the pics

ye ole m00k!

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