Thursday, April 17, 2008

zipper boy, sketches and disney studio

hola everybody!!

well just got home and i'm beat, good thing is school is going good so far and it's my third week in and not as stressed like i was last quarter, so that's good. the only thing to worry about these days is my demo reel, which i'm working on already. so...yes yes here's some more characters, first is zipperboy, my little creep who is part of my m00ksville project. some of his things like his television, car, and couch. these all done with sharpie and prisma markers, with a white prisma pencil for the highlights. next is more sketchbook pro sketches i did on saturday with my friend bobby of random stuff. that program is really good, so try it out. anywhoo, my everwonder boy's bobby and ivan, are going to be attending a event at the disney animation studios over in burbank, held by the wonderful ladies "Women in Animation" guild. i believe disney will be showing some upcoming t.v animation
shorts, so it should be cool. after that we're gonna network like crazy. well that's it for me, i got compositing in the morning so i need my beauty sleep


ye ole m00k!!

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