Sunday, September 27, 2009

to light? or not to light? that is the question!....

well not really lol

hola amigos and amigas!!!

how is everyone doing? well here's a little painting sketch of a fuzzy mook type thingy. Did two versions one with lighting study and one with none. just wanted to post them both.

anywhoo, i will be going on the analog side and do some drawings..which i think i do best...and maybe tackle painting over them in photoshop...which i can't do really well yet. so, any critiques, comments,...heck even concerns, spit it out to me and i will be all ears. :)

smile it up!

ye ole m00k!


Abz said...

Haha, fun character for sure! :)

Thanks for the kind comments on my blog! :) I will look fwd to your updating! :D


ScaryPotato said...

Light and dark are what define forms, so I like the bottom one better:) You may want to consider removing the light area on the left completely and just imply the lightsource by really intensifying the left edge of your character with some super-saturated colours, assuming the light is shining through the fur, and some subtle lowlights on the right side to help really push the form!

Wayne B. Medina said...

abz- oh no thank you for commenting here man! :)

ScaryPotato- wow thank you very very much for the critique! it's much appreciated man. and thank you for the pointers..i'll definitely make the fixes for it and update the pic :)

Art Fan Ako said...

I like his funny face!

robi pena said...

Hey Wayne :-), how are you my friend?!! So beautiful works you have and all of your personages are so funny, realy nice :-))!! Cheers my friend!!

Karmo Ruusmaa said...

Thanx fo the good word. I really like You characters too.
Good stuff!

Trent Correy said...

Beauty Wayne!!!
I druel over your style man...very unique I think, I can learn alot from looking at your awesome designs, keep it man...keep em coming!

Wayne B. Medina said...

hey vicki how's it going? yeah i like his face the best too :)

Robi! i'm doing well my friend :)...well i'm a bit sick right now but yeah thank you so much for dropping by my blog and leaving some comments that makes me feel better :)

Karmo- thanks for dropping by man!

Trent good buddy, sorry i haven't added anything to the blog last month. but this month i will for sure, how's it going with you? and thanks for the nice words man