Saturday, September 19, 2009


hola amigos and amigas!!!!

how is everyone doing? first off i would like to thank the people out there who decided to follow my little ole blog and checks out my stuff from time to time. it means a lot to me. just want to say thank you :)

so here's an update finally. still been on my quest with the digital paint. this particular one was a value study. i'm trying to keep in mind to keep it at least three values. i'm not sure i did it here heh.

anywhoo, went to the little art show at Disney Animation studio yesterday evening, where lorelay bove had some painting she had done while on vacation. very nice stuff by a very nice young woman. actually saw glen keane there and was geeking out like a fanboy lol.

after the show my brother and i decided to wing it and go to melrose ave to see what was going on over there. saw jay leno interviewing infront of a bar/restaurant called the village idiot, where he was interviewing random people on the street. very cool indeed. after flipping out watching jay we headed across the street to the vinyl toy store munkey king to see what was going on there...low and behold there was a launch party happening there for the artist dave pressler. good vibe, good music and good artwork. ya can't get any better than that eh.

oh wait, then i got news by email from victoria ying that i have won a raffle from her blog and that i get to choose two outta three prints of a series of retro paintings! so yes life is good :)

here's the work

smile it up



pakoto said...

nice work!

Ivan Aguirre said...

Oh Snap!! good studies man. Keep em coming

Desiree Cassidy said...

sa-weet!!! The girl has wonderful shape and line to her!

Tatevik Avakyan said...


Wayne B. Medina said...

Pakoto- thank you :)

Ivan- i will indeed my good man

Desiree- yeah she was fun to paint

Tatevik- Hey thank you Tatevik :) and thanks for dropping by

Joshua James said...

great work!

Abz said...

me likey!! but the font needs to be in a different colour dude! :P

Wayne B. Medina said...

hey joshua! thank you for stopping by here. again i love you work, hope to see an update soon

lol hey abz!!thanks man! what color do you think would go? i would love to hear any suggestions

Pat Desilets said...


Gavin Goo said...

Hey this is great work! :D Keep on going!