Tuesday, September 14, 2010

ANNNNND....IT'S OFF!!!...well almost

hola amigos and amigas!

How is everyone doing? So a quick post of the free sketch card that i'm going to send out to one Mr. Arjan Wilschut. Did this bad boy on my infamous brown sketchbook cut down to sketch card size. It felt really good to do traditional stuff, which btw I used prisma markers/pencils, col erase pencil and my trusty ol brush pen. I'm thinking of drawing more of these little dudes and sell them off for a fair price. others i'm gonna send off to one of you guys when I hold the raffle thing.

Anywhoo, took some dorky pictures just to show you what i'm sending off, and asked if Arjan when he receives the card, to take a picture of it in his homeland of the netherlands. I thought it would be neat to see. He not only agreed to my nerdy request, he said he would take it near some mills by his home....how cool is that?!?! ahem well, i'm gonna geek out now peoples! I will be posting soon


-ye ole m00k!

oh and Arjan buddy, I'll send it off tomorrow man!


Isaac Orloff Illustration said...

what is this?

Gabby Zapata said...

ahhh this is so neattt! I wish I could have one someday ;)! It'd be cute to see where your cards land and take a pic of the location. It's like it's going on a roadtrip haha

NiC Parris said...

Awesome blog mang! Really diggin' the your art!

Chenny said...

Aw that's super cute!

Thanks for checking out my blog! i'm really inspired by your work..you have a great sense of design and really fun characters!

p.s im actually in my 4th yr at Sheridan working on my thesis film :P

Patrick Leyendecker said...

wow, thanks man. your blog is also very cool. looking forward to sew your next post. greetings pat

aintshakespeare said...

Hey, I like that guy. The floating head in the suit is hilarious. So futurey! It's funny and absurd and cool all at once.

Trent Correy said...

I will be the 200th follower, and the gift better be damn good!

Joe Lee said...

dude thanks for stopping by my blog and thank u for the awesome kind words.

great work here man, diggin the fresh style!

Oscar Rosales said...

I want one...anyway, cool stuff man! So...when are you doing the raffle???

Brandon Pike said...

Excellent man! Great design and awesome colors as usual! Thanks for stopping by and for the encouraging feedback, I really appreciate it!

Osc@r said...

thats an awesome Idea!, I wouldn't mind jumping in and adding a card to this so called raffle thing. ;)

jESS jEROME said...

you mean to tell me if i would have waited to follow you, i would have gotten free art??

damn it! XD

Sjan Weijers said...

That face is SO cool! Great stuff!
Btw I'm from Holland too, in case you need more photo's of mills or something :P

C.Deboda said...

Looks like a neat collectors item. Be cool if alot of artists had these...and we can trade em like baseball cards or something. :)

GhettoFab said...

thats awesome of you to do that Mr Wayne

if there ever came a day where I did halfway decent art Id be more than happy to do a trade if you rockin stuff sir

Alina Chau said...

THat's an awesome card!!

"TORI CAT" said...

Hey Mook!!!
Sweeeeet Blog!!
just stumbled across it now, and its been an ace lil' read!!
Loving your style (and your twin bro's too!!).
Awesome idea for the ol tag team sketch up.
Mite have to try that some day.... but i dont have a twin :( Iv got twin brother tho, does that count ;)

Hope all is gud? I'll throw a link to your blog on my site, n will make sure to drop by again soon!!
Any who, All the best!!
Bye for now,

Edgar Cardona said...

hey wayne, when I first ur card I was like "is that a new creature box book?" It looks tight lol

when are you gonna come out with an art book yo! :)

how have you been dude :D

Wayne B. Medina said...

Isaac- hey what's up man! I answered on your blog but you probably already know that since i'm replying hella late ;p your busting out some incredible stuff man. I know you'll do good at CTN

Gabby-haha I know right? yeah that's the total concept. I'm thinking of some way how I can get everyone a card. but yeah stay tuned for the raffle =)

Nic- thanks a lot my man! keep on inspiring please =)

Chenny- thank you! I'm very glad to have find out about your blog and cool style. I wish you well on the 4th year. =)

Pat- Hi Pat! Hey no prob man. your design sense is awesome! keep it up bro! =)

Michael- why thank you man! =)

Trent- lol with that comment you might get one! =)

Joe- thanks so much Joe!!! you have some awesome stuff that I really like. keep em coming man!

Oscar- hahaha soon my man..soon =)

Jess- lol but i'm so glad you followed me jess! man I woulda gave you some free art at school if you asked ;)

Sjan- hahaha nice! I might have to consider that as well Sjan! =)

Chris- Totally dude! I know other artist do the same thing. it would be a nice!

Mel- Yo Melly Mel! I'd be down to get some of your art mang! =) you still make me blush....damn you...with love of course ;)

Alina- thank you Alina! =)

Tori- Hey Tori! nice to meet you =) thank you for the awesomeness that is you comment! And totally try the tag team, it's sooo fun. and I'll let you slide with your twin brothers ;) anywhoo, can't wait to see some of your stuff. take care! =)

Edgar- hahaha I wish I had some good stuff to put in to call an art book. One day man =)

I've been good! did some freelance..looking for some more.....in case anybody is reading this. "i'm looking for FREELANCE" lol

okay...so, like I was saying. I'm doing alright man. How are you doing? You've been coming out with some siiiiick stuff dude! serious!