Thursday, September 2, 2010


Hola Amigos and Amigas!

Yesterday this blog got it's 100th follower! *claps* it's an honor to have so many of you guys follow this thing. a whole bunch of you seen me grow and continue to grow with my art and my journey to the animation biznaz. I am thankful to all of you and your continuing support and interest for MOOKSVILLE. Thank you. =)

So who the heck is the 100th follower you ask? His name is Arjan Wilschut. He's an animator/illustrator outta the Netherlands. Dope stuff might I add so check him out. Anywhoo, this lucky dude who decided to follow (beats me) and be the 100th will receive a sketch card of original art drawn by me. Hope you like whatever I send man. lol

and for all the other mookies out there saying aw man I want a sketch card!!!! don't fret, i'm thinking about holding a raffle or something...i don't know lol

onto the post. so I done did up the flash. i'm kinda half and half on how it turned out, but it's okay, wanted to get in a post. I can draw another one anyways. other piccy is outta my moleskinny. The dude with the big ass soda jug is an actual memory sketch of a real person at the mall. He just amazed me with his look, first of all...with slicked to the side hair and long 'stache and the gi'normous!!!!! i mean friggin flippin huge mug. I didn't see it at first until.....BAM! he lifted it up and started slurppin from the straw. My mouth dropped! So I had to sketch the dude up.

well that's it for me. I gotta go to the DMV tomorrow to renew my license, so I need my beauty sleep :p thanks again mah peoples!



EDIT:>> added a cropped version of the flash without the blur thingy


Jez Tuya said...

flippin awesome work, mate! (well.. what else is new? :P)

TJ Lubrano said...

Aaaaaaah I do want a drawing from you one day as well ^_^!!

I have a few big mugs as well that I got at Disney and ehm when I was on holiday haha. It's fun to have and a useful item as well. I love his expression how he holds the mug haha. Like 'Yeah. Got something so say? Huh? HUH? *slurps*'

Perfect! Hope you got your beauty sleep! Loooove the other work, as usual!


Zaff said...

like you say in USA : "good for you !"

Nice Flash too !!

Anonymous said...

Whoooowee, thanks Wayne! And thanks for mentioning me in your post, I'm flattered! Only problem is now, all your other followers will travel to Holland to find me, kill me and take my sketch of me, so now I will to start wearing wigs and shades and stuff. But that's a small price to pay for your generous gift. I can't wait to see it!!

TJ Lubrano said...

@ Arjan: You know, I already live in Holland ^_^....should I warn you?!?! Hehehe

Justin Rodrigues said...

Dig the Flash design man. Love those angles! and that dude from the moleskin is priceless!!! i love those weird people you just find in life. Congrats on the 100th follower. and good luck with your journey in to the biz still trying to find my way in as well! maybe we can share notes or something...

Monstertree said...

I was 1 away! So should have waited hahaha. Great energy as usual mate ;)

Jeremy Hoffman said...

Heeey, I'm the 101th follower... Did i win a sketch book now? ;-)

Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

@ TJ: haha, so you do, and in Rotterdam of all places. Nice blog btw ..... wait, what's this ...237 FOLLOWERS ?!? Wow ... what are you going to make for the 300th follower?

Trent Correy said...

Sup man, hope all is well. You gots a ton of sweet drawings up here and congrats on lucky number 100. I gotta get back on this blog wagon! Are you going to the CTN expo? I just got my ticket, it looks like a blast!

Wayne B. Medina said...

Jez- haha thanks my new facebook buddy =)

TJ- whaddup girl! haha serious! I can totally see that dude say that. hope all is well

Zaff- Merci mon ami =)

Arjan- hahaha you're too much man lol thank you, and i'd watch out for my girl TJ, she's a tough cookie and a super ninja!

Justin- thanks bro, and for reals on the notes man. one day we will work with each on it! *highfives*

George- thanks man! yeah dude 1 away bro, but i am gonna hold a raffle soon. so who knows? you might get something right?

Jeremy- LMAO hahaha with that comment man i would give you a sketch. that's priceless thanks for coming by man!

Trent- Trent buddy! how's it going dude? sweet you're going to the expo? that's cool! it's an awesome experience man. AWESOME! as for me? yeah i should be going man, i gotta scrape up some pennies to get a ticket. but i should lol

TJ Lubrano said...

@ Wayne: I'm good mister ^_^! I'm buried under a pile of sketches tho haha! *waves*

Oscar Rosales said...

What a cool looking Flash! Loving the cool new look to the site! Keep it up man!

jazzlamb said...

Damn! I wish I would have followed you later to get the sketch! lol!
Beauty stuff, boss! I love the guy with the jug, Loverly! Wishing you many, many more followers and lot of luck!
P.S. - I hope you got your beauty sleep;)

Derick Brooks said...

That stride is bananas hahaha. Loving it man. The dude wih the mug is priceless too.

Gulzar said...

darn, am missing all the fun here :)
Hey I wanna a gift sketch too...plzzzz pretty plzzz...see me making some drollin baby faces ... @_@

Sami said...

Way to go Wayne! Awesome drawings! Like the hairy man very much :) Keep inspiring!

Wayne B. Medina said...

TJ- That's a good thing girl! lol I'm buried with a pile as well =) *waves*

Oscar- thanks buddy! =)

Jas- thanks man! I did get the beauty sleep and I hope my new driver license picture turned out alright lol.

Derick- yeah I was trying to push that pose like crazy man and the dude with the mug! i wish i took a picture of him! lol thanks for the words bro

Gulzar- lol! ah g-man, well I will have a raffle or something of that sort and give away a sketch. i'll think of something

Sami- Hey thanks a lot Sami! you do the same man! you got some awesome stuff.

CaptainChants said...

Followed your link from deviantArt. I'm seriously loving your work. It's so wonderful to look at!


Jmontiel said...

Great work! I love the design!!!

HerbieCans said...

Hey,thanks ;D ¡Gracias! I found your blog the other day and it was such a great discovery. This "Flash" is my currently wallpaper!I find your style really motivating ;) Keep it up!