Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A sketchy morning

How's everyone doing? So as you know I've been busy with work and such. Been trying to work on personal stuff here and there and been going nuts'o cuz I haven't posted here for awhile. Anywhoo, let's get to it eh? So I started doing warm up drawings in the morning before work, just to get loose. I found these neat photoshop brushes here at work and started to play. Sooooo I tried to emulate my process with brown paper on to the digital side. This is what came out of it.

Wells everyone have a good day and I'll post very soon peeps!!!


ye ole m00k!


Art of Joshua De Leon said...

You're one badass....You're very inspiring

Anonymous said...

Spooky :)! Love the facial structure you gave him.


Welcome back to the internet, we've missed you hehe
wipe that rust off and join the fun for Saturday Morning TV why don't cha!

Desiree said...

Super awesome work!

Gabby Zapata said...

You are so inspiring you have no idea. :)!

Sorrentino said...

love the texture and contrast here! spooky expression!

Justin Rodrigues said...

Dig it man! way to push your self!

Trevor Spencer said...

AWESOME STUFF WAYNE! keep on sketching it up :)

Eduardo Avenir II said...

I think this character would have your laugh. Its great bud, it does look very traditional!

Wayne B. Medina said...

Josh- Hey thanks alot man, especially from you man, one badass to another :)

Michelle- thank you Michelle!

Jayson- Hey whaddup man!!! hehe yeah man i totally want to do something for the blog...i must apologize for my lack of attendance over at the pulp. I'll do my best to throw something up

Gabby- Hey gabbster! No you are!!! :) thank you tho hehe

Sorrentino- thank you much!

Justin- Yeah man i gotta! the stuff i see from you is just inspiring me!!

Trevor- thanks t-dawg!!!

Ed- Thanks man!! and yeas the laugh would be mine hahahahaha!

Desiree- gracias Des! how's it going?

Tooninator said...

this is sick!

Mike Nassar said...

so sick, bro.

Gillibean said...

Very sneaky he is! Love the texture of it and the crisp shapes in the face.

Great blog all over!