Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yo....Petey Parker, get a load of me

Hola everyone!

I hope everyone had a Happy Easter and for those who don't celebrate it, I hope you had an awesome sunday and overall weekend. So, I've been working on some good ole' redesign stuff for my personal sanity, and I thought Doc Ock would be awesome to here he is. Hope everyone digs it! Next...gotta hit up some DC universe stuff up in here soon.


ye ole'm00k!


Patrick Leyendecker said...

jeah wayne,
it took a while after your last post. love this one here, great work man.

Gulzar said...

One gotta love all your stuffs to be here and trust me they love it thats why they come here :)
I'm loving the space you are traveling in.

Trevor Spencer said...

awesome work wayne! great little skethcy sketch. keep on drawing and sharing :)

jESS jEROME said...

do some image comics

Oscar Rosales said...

Very cool man! Love it!

Wayne B. Medina said...

Patrick- Hey my friend! thank you very much man! Yeah sorry about the long waits between post, i'll try to get better on that :) how's everything with school?

G-man: Hey buddy! Thank you man! Thanks for the positive vibes :)

Trevor- yo pal!! you do the same! after what i saw at work today from!

Jess- Hey Jess how's it going with you? Image comics you say? Any request?

Oscar- Hey thanks man! CONGRATS to your 100th post!

jESS jEROME said...

I'm doing good. Still doing that venom animation, just need time to really sit down and work on it (damn that job getting in the way! =P)

request? hmm.....well i am a fan of kirkman's The walking Dead or Invincible comic characters would be awesome

jazzlamb said...

Ha! Love the coloring. You never fail to excite me with the work!