Wednesday, April 18, 2012

One sketch a day: Day 34 & 35...un-pause

Hola homies and honeys!

Had to pause last night while I was drawing my entry, account of lil miss Tegan being fussy and not wanting to go to sleep...ole papa had to rock her to sleep...or tried to hehe...mama helped too ;) Anywhoo, took her for her month check up. She is now 21 inches and 9.3 lbs. Time I know it she'll be graduating high school and going to college!!! I'm enjoying all the perks of being a father of a newborn. Now to talk shop....

So today, I resume my pursuit of drawing happiness. I'll be posting two sketchies for your viewing pleasures...or disgust...either or :) Hope everyone is doing well!




GhettoFab said...

Awesome post! Love both and kik butt for comin back with a vengeance. ( shortest break ever ! :)

Javier Molina said...

I just realized I'm part of the MOOKIES! You're tearing the daily sketches up!

Justin Rodrigues said...

been loving these daily posts man! you're my hero

Mike Nassar said...

dang, man. These are super sweet. Cool texture build up on the top head zombie drawin guy. almost like drawin with paint.

Wayne B. Medina said...

Mel- haha ever!!!!

Javier- yeah man love your stuff!!! thanks man!!

Justin- shoot man, the stuff you're busting out on your twitter feed are amazing!!!! you're my hero!!

Mike- Thanks bro!!!