Wednesday, June 6, 2012

One sketch a day: Day 84

hola homies!

some days I don't feel like drawing at all...and tonight really showed that. Sometimes I think I lost that fire..I apologize about the funk'trocity...meh.




GhettoFab said...

Seriously I hear ya. Sometimes I watch your post comin in and go " the guy is super human...."

But in reality I know how those days feel when you drag. ( I've been kinda a whining wuss if you hadn't noticed.... And for quite a while now. )

The great thing about sharing your creativity is that there's always someone out there who understands especially when you need it most. And every time I feel like packin it I get a reminder. You sir are one of those reminders to keep on keepin on

So...keep on keepin on and thanks for always sharing :)

Wayne B. Medina said...

aw man thank you sir! Yeah man that reply you just wrote is exactly what I need to keep going!

I'll tell's tough bro..lately been doubting myself big time. But I always have somebody like yourself, who will say something nice as you make me want to keep going. I needed that and I thank you :)

So I'll keep on postin...good or's going up!

Yeah man, every time you feel like you do...drop a line and I'll make sure to fire you up!!! hehe