Saturday, June 23, 2012

One sketch a day: Day mutha flubbin 100!!!! Can I get an amen!!!!

Whaddup 100!

100 days of drawing and posting straight...well give or take a couple of reasons......ANYWHOO!!!! 100 days was just too damn fast...crazy I tell ya.  Anyways...this post is dedicated to my pride and joy Tegan Leigh! God put her on this earth, just for me to keep on drawing...I love you little girl.

back to my client gave me a tighter deadline than the last I gotta keep burnin the lead.

Thank you for everyone that keeps checking back and taking this crazy ride with's to 265 more days of posting!!!!




Fatim said...


Michael Barquero said...


you gotsta make a little zine/book out of these :D

GhettoFab said...

A mighty fine milestone sir. Congrats and look forward to the next 256! Yer an animal !!

Trevor Spencer said...

AWESOME MAN!! This is a great 100th POST!

Kristina Bustamante said...

You rule, Wayne!!!