Thursday, July 12, 2012

One sketch a day: Day 119 Ghost riiide the whip!

Hola homies!

continuing the comic theme week, here's everyone's motorcyclist...Ghost Rider!!! Also I'll be heading down to comic-con on saturday! I have a pro badge, but won't be able to go until sunday!!! I'm bring my sketchbook and selling them mobile style!!! So if you see me...yank the shit outta me and I'll sell ya one :) Anywhoo gotta continue to burn the midnight oil!


SMILE IT UP!!! EDIT! I will be going Saturday!!!! Last night I was so sleepy I guess I typed down Sunday lol


Javier Molina said...

Dammit! I only have a pass for Saturday!

Wayne B. Medina said...

I'm going Saturday bro....made a big mistake typing lol

Javier Molina said...

Oh really? Let's meet up so i can snag your book man! I'll e-mail you my number