Monday, July 16, 2012

One sketch a day: Day 122 & 123

A lot of adventure time peeps around the con this year

Also, quite o few of caps in the crowd as well...from men to women and children....america....fudge yeah!!!

Hola peeps!

So I headed down to San Diego for Comic con! Finally met my pal Javier at the con, whom I sold a book too and talked shop! Cool cat indeed, check out his work or I'll cut you! Other people I had a pleasure talking to were, Sean "Cheeks" Galloway, Brett Bean, Jose Lopez, Octavio Rodriguez, John Nevarez, and my pal Alberto Ruiz. Got to trade my books with some of these guys, which was great!

Overall, The con was good. Crowds were overwhelming as usual and the vibe in the air was great...mind you I said "vibe"...not smell...vibe. The thing that got me sad was probably artist alley. This is where all the comic artist are....and let me tell you...every year that I went...that particular section has gotten smaller and smaller, while the big television and gaming companies grew bigger and bigger...if anything, they should call this thing pop con or something.....just sad to see that the creators of comics are pushed to a small section like is what it is I guess.

Anywhooooo, I stayed at a hotel last night and drew my one sketch a day thingy..but did not bring my laptop....soooooo I posting two tonight to catch big deal. with that....on with the post!




Javier Molina said...

It was really awesome finally meeting you Wayne! Thanks for the book, I'm enjoying it to the fullest! That Mr. Freeze mug was the icing on the Cake! Much love
- J

SUEDE said...

Oh man! you are getting better and better! I have always wanted to go to SDCC but from what I have seen online, it has becoming less comics and more movies. We are planning the 3rd Cebu Comics Convention at the moment, I hope someday I can invite you over.

Wayne B. Medina said...

Javier- oh dude, it was finally good meeting you too bro, you're one cool cat! I'm glad you're diggin the book as well homie!'re book!!!

Suede-duuuude that would be so sick!!! I would finally get to try some of that cebu lechon!!! I'm kapapangan so my taste in food are very high hahahaha!!! I am totally kidding....well maybe.....i like food hahaha