Tuesday, April 6, 2010

My Friend Tony

Hola amigos and amigas,

How is everyone doing? it's been quite a month for this m00k. Most importantly being the death of one of my good friend's at my day job at the art store. My old buddy Tony that I was talking about in the previous posts from West Virgina, sadly passed away last Wednesday. I worked with Tony for well over ten years at the store. The first person I worked with and grew to admire. He was a tough old goat and a person who would tell you what he thought. I used to love getting stories outta him about his life back home, i could tell it always brought a smile to his face when he talked about the past. The Lakers was always a favorite topic to talk about and comparing all the players over time.

He always looked out for me and cared about my well being. When I went back to school to get my degree in animation, he would always ask my girlfriend how I was doing and made sure I was doing good in school. When I finally graduated he was so proud of me. Tony didn't want me to stay at the store forever. He wanted me to do something with my life...something better. As the year pass after graduating, he notice I was bummed that I didn't get a gig yet. He told me to hang in there, you'll get something wayne. everyday passed and I was getting sick of the store, as well as Tony. I was losing hope believe it or not..and my buddy Tony was getting sicker and sicker health wise. about a month ago he didn't show up to work, and we found out at the store that he was rushed to an i.c.u at a hospital. Unfortunately, all of us did not get to visit him before he passed.

when I went to his viewing, His wife said to me, "oh, your Wayne! He always talks about you. he said you are his artist friend. He told me to tell you, to stick with it kid." I teared up of course, but realized to myself, that I gotta jump back on the horse and make this happen. Tony? I know you're up there man. thanks for that last push. I won't let you down.

here's some sketches from awhile back. I'm working on new stuff now

Oh and thank you for all the people coming back here to check my blog out. I apologize for the little pause.

smile it up!

ye ole m00k!

oh and this is my 100th post!!! I dedicate this to my friend Tony Kuffner


Ivan Aguirre said...

Man, Im sorry to hear about the bad news. This post made me choke up. hang In there, your an amazing designer, and an even better friend. Things will come In to place and work them selves out. I cant wait

Wayne B. Medina said...

Hey buddy, how's it going man? yeah, this was hard typing up as well heh. But yeah I hear ya brotha and I'll push myself as harder than before. thanks for the words too. we'll talk soon man

croquisman said...

Really sorry, these drawings are really very good.

Oscar Rosales said...

Wayne! Don't give up! I'm on the same boat as you are, I haven't landed a gig yet and at times I feel like calling it quits. But we can't give up, If everyone else can do it then so can we! Sorry to hear about your friend, use his last words for inspiration and make things happen for yourself! I'm here rooting for ya man, take care!

TJ Lubrano said...

My condolences Wayne! I'm so sorry to hear this. I could feel the sadness in this post and tried not to cry. He looked like such a sweet man! A person that everyone liked and admired.

When the time is right, it all will fall into place. Just have to have faith! And remember you have awesome skills and awesome blogger friends to cheer you up whenever you need too!!

Take care!!

Lloyd said...

Hang in there buddy!! you'll make it out on top..just don't ask when..but im sure you'll get there.

Wayne B. Medina said...

Mickael- Hey man, how's it going with you? thank you brotha

Oscar- Oscar! thank you thank you thank you for the encouraging words. you my friend are absolutely right. we can do it and we will!

TJ- Tahira my sweet girl! how are you? yes I do, blogger friends are awesome and I don't forget that. thanks girl =) talk to you soon k?

Lloyd- thanks a lot my friend from P.I! Maraming Maraming Salamat!

michael robertson said...

very touching, wayne. I'm sure you'll make tony proud...great sketches as always.

Wayne B. Medina said...

Hey thanks Michael! How's everything with you my friend? Yeah I know he's smiling down from heaven right now :)

Sami said...

These are stunning :)