Saturday, March 31, 2012

One sketch a day: Day 17

Hey everyone

So today I went to a funeral, to say goodbye to an old friend. Her name was Karen and I knew her for about 12 years now. She was the assistant manager at the arts and craft store I worked at. She lost her battle with cancer the day before my daughter was born. I was lucky to see and speak to her one last time a week prior to her death. I didn't see her since I left the store...and once I did, it was really hard to see her the way she was. But when I spoke with her and just stared into her eyes I could see the Karen I remembered in my mind...The same caring person she always was...I started to thank her....I thanked her for listening to all my problems I had and for all the advise she gave to me. I thanked her for being a friend...and all the leeway she gave me some days at work. She saw me grow up all those years and always encouraged me to do well when I went back to school. She was so happy to hear when I got my first gig.....anywhoo, she was exhausted and I told her to sleep...

When I was leaving, she assured me that she was okay and was ready to go. I told her so long for now...

You can rest now my old friend



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