Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One sketch a day: Day 7

Hola amigos and amigas!!!

So we went to the doctors today, and my girl is going to be induced tomorrow morning, to get my daughter outta there :) Pretty excited about it and witnessing a miracle in front of my eyes. The thought of finally hearing her cry is gonna be something I will remember forever :)

On to the post! Tonight I tried doing some kind o'story. nothing to crazy mind you...just practicing my weak points in my art. The "scene" I sketched out is when guys go to use the bathroom....and that awkward moment when you go..someone starts to talk to you haha...pretty tough for some people heh!

Anywhoo....Let me tell ya....the space they give you inside the sketchbook is hella small...I love drawing pretty drawing small is something I got to get used the outcome is eh...but it'll do for now.

Also just posting random other stuff...btw...really love...LOVE, my brushpen. Gonna try to get better at that..too bad I cant use it in my One sketch a day book...paper's too thin.....okay...I'm blabbing to get some sleep for the big day tomorrow...wish us luck y'all!


SMILE IT UP!!! an Ipad finally so I'm on Instagram!! Follow me and I follow you! :) Oh does anybody know a good app other than the blogger one, that is good to use for ipad. Just wanna know so I can get a chance and post tomorrow when I'm at the hospital

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Leo Aquino said...

Haha I toally know that awkward feeling in the bathroom, I think you captured the moment. Sweet drawing!