Sunday, March 18, 2012

One sketch a day: Day 4

Hola everyone! baby yet...she really making me anxious lol! Luckily we have a doctors appointment on Wednesday...hopefully from this time until then, she'll make her entrance to the world.

Now for the post.

First, just gotta say that this particular one was really frustrating me tonight. I found myself thinking way too hard about it, and it really affected the outcome. Erasing a whole bunch o'times and sketching over and over again. I think this is good for me though. It'll teach me to have a simple idea coming into it, rather than freestyling and erasing so much. Committing to an idea and running with it. Being loose and have fun. I told you, bad or good I'm posting the sketches.....Anywhoo......

Continuing with the O.S.A.D quest, I present you with tonight's submission for your consideration :)




Garrett Hanna said...

I like it regardless :). But I feel the exact same thing. When you noodle away at it it can kind of kill things. Thats why I feel pencil and paper are more liberating than photoshop. Undo and the erase tool are dangerous things.

Denny said...


Wayne B. Medina said...

Garrett- haha seriously man! They are dangerous things...that's why I draw with pencil and paper as much as I can :)

Denny- hey thanks a lot man!